I started DARA LAMB over twenty five years ago

to offer women the finest hand-tailored custom clothing, 

individually created to convey their signature style 

in every situation and occasion.


         My mission is empowering women to use their wardrobes to enhance their executive presence, help communicate their ideas and further their success – and

my clients tell me we do just that.


 My clients are women long on accomplishment and

short on time, who enjoy the true luxury of a custom wardrobe beautiful to look at, comfortable and

easy to wear, whose fabrics and construction is

on par with their stature.



I look forward to meeting you.




Clients call our showroom

their refuge, almost like a private club,

you'll enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine---

and organize a beautiful wardrobe.


We understand the value of your time,

listen to what you want,

and help you find what is authentic

to you in our extensive range

of styles and fabrics.


 Here, you enjoy absolute privacy.

Appointments are at your convenience.


True, the old-fashioned luxury

of a private couturier is unusual today.

But you’re at the top of your game.


Why settle for anything less?


Come in. Be amazed. Get dressed.


We’d love to meet you!