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Every mask you purchase helps us donate others to underserved people in need. 


With so many masks on the market today, we're thrilled that almost every week, we hear from clients who say our masks are the most comfortable masks they've found. 




We take the same care making them as we do with our Bespoke clothing! And we use the finest cottons in the world. Larger than most masks available, it has broad, nearly ear to ear coverage across, and extended height to cover from the top of the nose bridge to mid chin.


The 3 ply design, with strategically placed gathers, a filter pocket and simple elastic ties allow you to adjust it for a comfortable, yet snug fit. The finest 100% cottons have a luxurious hand and allow you to launder and reuse them over and over again. 


This makes your mask a long lasting investment and more sustainable than disposable masks.


For best comfort, tie the elastics so they knot at the bottom of your ear. The shirred top and bottom help to seal the mask to your face.


After laundering, check the fit and adjust the elastics if necessary. 


Enjoy and Stay Healthy! 

Cobalt Blue 100% Cotton Mask w/Filter Pocket

  • Please note: Your mask is intended for everyday use and does not guarantee a 100% barrier to viral bacteria.

    It is not FDA certified for High Risk or Surgical Environments. Its effectiveness also depends on you maintaining and disinfecting it after each use.

    Accepting delivery of this product constitutes your agreement that we cannot be held liable for any misuse of this product, nor any injury, illness or infection resulting from its use. 

  • Shipping and handling is calculated based on one shipping address per order. If you are shipping to multiple addresses, please place individual orders for each. Thank you.  

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