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DARA LAM Cutom Portrait

About Dara Lamb

               Internationally recognized as the leading designer and manufacturer of Women’s Made-to-Measure and Custom Wardrobes, DARA LAMB’s clients include some of the country’s most accomplished female business and philanthropic leaders.


                DARA started her business in 1982 because she was frustrated with the quality, price and styling options available for women’s business wardrobes, and wanted to offer women a better option. For over thirty-five years, she’s helped leading women succeed and thrive using their wardrobes strategically to enhance their presence, help communicate their ideas and project their unique leadership style.


                She offers custom because the fit and comfort are unparalleled and the ability to style a wardrobe uniquely for each client is the only way to build and maintain a signature style to align with their personal brand.

                Her early training as an artist, sculptor and choreographer, informed her knowledge of women’s physiques, posture and movement and enabled her to translate and interpret bespoke and modern heritage tailoring techniques to fit and flatter women of all body types. Her later engineering training enabled her to develop a business model incorporating systems and processes for repeatable and consistent hand-tailoring and semi hand-made manufacturing.

          Dara has seen first-hand, when women plan and invest in their wardrobes with specific goals and the focus and acumen typically applied to other areas of professional development, they not only improve the way others see them, but alter how they “see” themselves. These methods result in long-term positive impact on their career and lives.

          Dara serves on the board of the Custom Tailors and Designers Association, the oldest continually operated trade association in the US. She is a former officer on the board of the NY Chapter of Association of Image Consultants International.


          DARA LAMB has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Huffington Post, Departures, New York Magazine, Gotham Magazine, Marketplace and NY1.


         She is a frequent speaker on "Strategic Dressing" and Entrepreneurship at Companies, Universities and Conferences including Barrons Top Advisors, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Fordham Law School, Brooklyn Law School, Baruch College and The Association of Corporate Counsel.

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