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Dara’s public speaking engagements and online classes developed from her desire to share the knowledge and experience she's garnered working with women leaders for over forty years, to help a broader base of women, whether or not they purchase her clothing.

Her journey from artist to energy conservation engineer to entrepreneur, along with a decades long commitment to sustainability and elevating the influence and success of women (and the financial independence that derives from it), fuels her three areas of focus in public speaking detailed below:

  • Strategic Dressing™

  • Clothing and the Climate: An Outsize Impact on Women and Girls

  • Entrepreneurship:

Niche Business Fundamentals, Marketing to Women, Creating a Custom Ecosystem



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Dara Lamb is internationally recognized as the leading designer of Women’s Made-to-Measure and Bespoke Wardrobes. She is the first female tailor elected to the board, and is now an officer of the Custom Tailors and Designers Association, the oldest trade association in the U.S.

Dara founded her business more than 30 years ago when wearing the right outfit changed her life and helped her succeed beyond her hopes in the commercial real estate industry. Her mission since then has been helping women achieve positive change in their own lives and careers by creating custom wardrobes to amplify their influence and leadership, which gives them greater confidence and self-esteem and helps them achieve their goals.

Due to her decades-long commitment to sustainable, local, on-demand manufacturing and devotion to enabling women to access the advantages heritage bespoke tailoring offers men, Dara continues to produce her two collections, DARA LAMB Bespoke and DARA Made-to-Measure, in the U.S.


Dara’s clients include some of the most accomplished and highly regarded female leaders in business and philanthropy, many featured annually in lists of the Most Powerful Women. Her collaborative and consultative approach grows from working with noted litigators, corporate lawyers, and women in finance and corporate management, who recognize how their wardrobe shapes immediate judgments about them and want to control this impact on their ever-widening community of stakeholders.


Dara’s public speaking engagements and online classes developed from the desire to share her knowledge and experience to help a broader base of women, whether or not they purchase her clothing. As a noted speaker and guest lecturer, she focuses on three core areas:

  • Strategic Dressing™:

    • Combining neuro- and behavioral science with classic principles of high-level branding and influence, this presentation demonstrates how and why a strategic wardrobe can create affinity and trust, achieve specific goals, and elevate performance, as well as improve self-image and confidence. Armed with this knowledge, attendees are introduced to a framework to create a wardrobe that functions as a “leadership ladder” and career roadmap.

Developing custom wardrobes requires a curiosity to delve beyond the surface; into the mind of the client, uncovering what they want to convey and achieve with their wardrobe, whether or not they are able, or willing, to voice it. This approach illuminates the unique challenges women face in choosing a professional wardrobe. These challenges go beyond color and style choices, and indeed, begin long before a woman chooses what to buy.  


  • Clothing and the Climate: An Outsize Impact on Women and Girls:

    • Originally presented as part of the 2018 UN Women’s symposiums, Dara’s presentation illuminates the far-reaching and unsustainable global impact of the apparel industry, our role in fostering it, and how we can make individual changes to create positive global impact.


  • Entrepreneurship, Niche Business Fundamentals, Marketing to Women, Creating a Custom Ecosystem:

    • Drawing on her 40+ years as a successful female entrepreneur, Dara reveals tips and traps of the entrepreneurial journey and how a laser focus on understanding and engaging a well-defined target market can bolster a company’s long-term success, including prescriptions for ways to modernize marketing to women to keep up with their changing roles. Her experience specifically in sustaining a custom business over 40 years puts her in a unique position to illuminate the challenges and opportunities in this growing segment.

              In addition to her board service, Dara teaches the business class for the Custom Tailors and Designers Association. She is also a member and former board officer of the NY Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International.

• Dara has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Business Week, Huffington Post, Departures, New York Magazine, Gotham Magazine, Marketplace, and NY1 among others.

• Honors include the New York State Assembly’s “Woman of Distinction” and the Connecticut Women’s Business Development Corporation’s “Woman with Impact” Award.

• Dara is a frequent speaker and lecturer on "Strategic Dressing"​, “Leading with Style”, “Becoming Client Ready” and Entrepreneurship at conferences, companies, women’s networks and universities including: Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, The Barrons 100 Women’s Summit, Association of UN Women, Cisco’s Global Women’s Summit, Fordham Law School, Brooklyn Law School, Baruch College, Association of Corporate Counsel, Princeton Chamber of Commerce, Financial Executives Institute, Financial Women’s Association, and the Ellevate Network.


For engagements, please contact:

Dara Lamb


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