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Can a Strategic Wardrobe be
Your Ladder to Success?

"I didn't realize how dressing a certain way changed how people reacted to me.

This, in turn, changed how I thought of myself,

gave me more confidence and somehow, more focus, both in my everyday work,

and especially when it came time to ask for a promotion.

From now on, I will never look at my wardrobe the same way."


Leveraging Leadership with the Science of Branding and Influence

Each of us follows a unique path to leadership based on our individual strengths and talents, industry, audience and personal goals.   

      "I started my business because wearing the "right outfit" changed my life.

       My mission, ever since, has been helping women create positive change to accelerate their careers, by creating custom wardrobes they rely on to create and maintain their unique personal brand.

      Although what the "right outfit" is has changed over time, creating an image that instantly, cohesively and consistently communicates who you are, what you've accomplished and where you're headed - to both immediate and far-reaching stakeholders - helps you build the trust and influence you need to lead, build a practice, get promoted, get financed.

      In short, to get your seat at the table, and be heard, once there." 

In her signature presentation, Dara unveils the latest brain and behavioral research unmasking the impact of image on career and leadership development. She shows you how to use your wardrobe to create trust, affinity, and influence with others, while harnessing its power to increase cognition, creativity, focus and negotiating skills.


Dara shares tips and techniques she’s developed over 30+ years working with some of the country’s most powerful female leaders you can begin using right away to help advance your path to leadership. 



"Strategic Dressing" can help every woman,

whether or not you choose to wear our custom clothing.

If you'd like to explore how a custom wardrobe can help you create and maintain a professional image to shape your influence, we have lots of options at two different price points.

Both have incredible value and long term, investment quality. 

Enjoy our two collections: 

DARA Made-to-Measure and DARA LAMB Bespoke



Hand-crafted from start to finish


Whether one special garment or

an entire wardrobe, we bring you couture dressing at its finest from day to evening and even the most special occasions.

Our extensive selection of styles

and the world’s finest luxury

fabrics make for an almost limitless selection

whose every detail

may be customized to your taste.

Your custom pattern is hand-made,

hand sewn, and meticulously adjusted

to insure a flawless fit.


High tech meets high performance

for tremendous value.

We start with your nearest size

and make computer assisted adjustments for a fabulous fit.

Choose from many styles of

jackets, dresses, pants, dressy

tops in top-of-the-line Italian

and English wovens.

Make it your own with your

choice of pocket, collar, sleeve

and hem lengths and

trim treatments.

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