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DARA LAMB Custom Jackets for Women
Iconic Jackets for Women in New York

What makes a style Iconic?

More than well-established and distinctive, a style becomes iconically yours,

when customized in your own combination of fabric, collar and cut

to reflect your personality to a tee.

Here are some of our classics to make yours alone.

Stand Collar

Solid or tweed,

clean finished or piped,

this neckline adds height and

perfectly pairs with 

pants, skirts, and dresses

Traditional Notched Collar

A time honored classic

in any fabric, the 

traditional notch with a

2 or 3 button front

takes you from weekend casual to urbanely chic.

Peak Lapel

Elevated in formal circles,

its peak lapel draws

all eyes back to yours.

Soft pastels in linen/wool

take it to the country.

Reverse Notch

Sometimes turning things

inside out enables you

see them for the first time.

A sharp and modern look.

Asymmetrical Collar

You'll own

feminine formality

in this stunning swooping collar.

Slit Round Neck

A simple, yet refined 

neckline whose depth can be customized to your preference

to compliment you and

any fabric with or

without a touch of trim.

Evening Options

Light up the room 

with a jacket that allows

your personality to shine

in luxurious silk

shantungs, jacquards,

and novelties.

Flash Jacket

 Go from day to evening

in a "flash" with this

collection of 

lightly tailored jackets


When only the finest luxury fabrics will do.

Sourced from small, family owned mills in Italy and England,

harnessing generations of expertise with color and craft,

your selection will never be limited to the tried and true.


From modern to classic,

incorporating technological wonder

and heritage artisanship, our partners bring us

the pinnacle of luxury, expressed in cloth.

Scabal Fabric
Dormeuil Fabric
Huddersfield Fabric
Loro Piana Fabric
Holland and Sherry Fabric


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