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The Custom Process

More than distinctive, a style becomes iconically yours,

when customized in your own combination of fabric and cut

to reflect your personality to a tee.


With custom, your choices can be

discerning, deliberate and detailed.


In our showroom you’ll see over one hundred ensembles

from smart casual to formal business to eveningwear to make yours alone.


Step 1

The Creative Process

Our clients will tell you the Bespoke Experience

is consultative and collaborative.


Be as creative as you like.

We’ll be your partner, and offer our expert advice.


Or, as we get to know

your life, your goals, your surroundings,

let us create something

to express you uniquely.


Our “strong suit” is helping you

establish a signature style authentic

not just to who you are now,

but to who you aspire to be.

DARA LAMB Custom Women's Clothing Emblem
Custom Suit and Custom Dress Options DARA LAMB

Style Meets Cloth

Enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine,

and peruse our many beautiful jacket,

skirt, pant, and dress styles.

We'll talk about your life, your needs, your style.


You’ll feel the immediate difference in quality

of our stunning collections of European

fabrics available to you.


Any style can be in any fabric.

Any combination of styles can be put together

in a marvelous ensemble

you won’t see on anyone else.​

Once we get to know you, we have an

uncanny ability to recommend just

the perfect three season wool,

colorful and feminine boucle, or novelty woven

you’ve been dreaming of and style it

it in the most flattering style just for you.

You've Got Options

Change a trim or stitching treatment

Add a sleeve

Take away a sleeve

Change a slim fit sheath to an A-Line

Or whatever line fits you best


Never an issue

When your patterns are hand-made

Necklines are shaped to frame your face

Or your signature heirloom


Never settle

Custom means the tyranny of

what's good for the fashion industry,

vs what works for you

is over.


Dressy Custom Dress by DARA LAMB
DARA LAMB The best Custom Women's Clothing Emblem

Step 2

Magic In The Making

Our garments are entirely patterned, cut and sewn in the USA in New York City by our master tailors and seamstresses.


Architectured for

You Alone


In the tradition of custom tailoring, it is said

“It is far easier to take

the measurements of the body

than the measurements of the mind”


Our seasoned patternmakers

(often called “cutters” in Bespoke Tailoring)

architect your pattern to express

your desired fit,

align it with your movement

and posture,

while their highly trained eyes

create the most flattering style lines for you


The result: one of the most

comfortable and complimentary

garments you’ll wear

Heritage Craftsmanship

Our process is not highly automated or machine-driven.


Each garment is made primarily by

one tailor with the help of a hand-finisher.

This holistic approach allows us to

insure quality at every step. 


All garments are hand cut

one at a time to ensure perfect matching

and hand-pressed to allow 

subtle shaping of a experienced tailor’s hand.


We choose to make custom clothes 

one at a time,

with impeccable, artisanal craftsmanship

  because they are beautiful,

and afford you lasting investment quality 


Step 3

Fit to Perfection

Attaining your personalized fit is our passion.

We don’t cut corners or rush you.

Here is when you can give us subtle feedback.

Her is where we sculpt your garment

so it wears like a second skin


Our attention to the final tweaking of

the garment is what sets us apart and

why we're known as the best in the industry.


This fine tweaking is also done to your patterns.

The best part:

Once we have your patterns on file,

getting ready for the next season

can be as easy as emailing us!

Women's custom suit

You've Arrived

Women's custom suit

You're Ready

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