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Cutom Pantsuis for Business Women
The Powerul Pantsuit by DARA LAMB Custom

More Power to You

The fashion industry may think pantsuits go in and out of style,

but our clients know them as a “forever classic”

bringing power of presence and freedom of movement

to any and every situation.


With custom, you’re never held hostage to fashion’s

“whim of iron”. You may have your favorite pant suits,

 in any fabric, at any time, in your perfect fit.

The Powerful Pant Suit

Solid or Pinstriped, Matching or Coordinated,

Cropped or Three-Quarter Length,

Our hundreds of fabrics and dozens of styles

 allow you endless variations to

“suit” your taste and needs each season.

Coordinated Suits

Less formal than a matching suit, but dressier than a

sportcoat and pant,

coordinated pants ensembles

add creative flair for a

“Matchless Wardrobe Statement”

Casual/At Home or

On the Road

Whether you’re

in a casual office,

working remotely

or finally on the road again

...a sportcoat is

your secret weapon to

 complete any outfit and keep you warm or cool in any situation.


When you adore the comfort of a pantsuit,

 why not enjoy them for your most special occasions? 

We have four special "black tie" collections of 

Oscar Worthy fabrics to celebrate in!

Le Smoking

Once this classic was made “our own” in the

masterful hands of St Laurent,

its intrigue has remained

 for the worldly, sophisticated woman ever since.

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