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DARA LAB Custom tailored suits in Fotune Magazine

As seen in the January 2020 issue of


NYC-based women’s bespoke tailor Dara Lamb told me that some of her clients consider how wearing certain high-quality menswear fabrics might help them communicate with the men in their professional orbits. “Most of [those men] have gotten their suits custom made, most of them have seen fabrics like that.” Lamb believes this kind of visual familiarity can “take the walls down—it really does allow you a greater level of influence.”

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Finely Talored Dresses by DARA LAMB in Gotham Magazine

As seen in the February 2014 issue of

Dara Lamb is an unlikely bespoke woman’s tailor. She studied multimedia and then engineering, but her real passion has always been fabric—her stepfather was in the upholstery business, so she grew up learning about textiles. Along the way she mastered tailoring and dressmaking, picking up skills from “old, crotchety tailors,” she says.

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Bespoke Fashion in Departure Magazine

The Couture Shop

Around the Corner

As seen in the March 2010 issue of Departures Magazine

I have clients who started with me when they were junior vice presidents and are now CFOs," says Lamb, who credits her made-to-order designs with helping to empower her successful customers, many of whom have been loyal for 20 years. 

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Women i Business Perfectly Fitting Suits in The Huffington Post

As seen in the Huffington Post March 2015

My clients are the highlight of almost every day. They are incredible women doing amazing things, and I help them stand out with custom clothing and an impeccable fit that gives them their own signature style.  It is incredibly gratifying.   

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Professiona wmen ad teir businessclthing in Bloomberg Busnessweek

As seen in Bloomberg Businessweek May 2003

Professional women looking for business clothing have to navigate a fine line between style and what's "in style." Much as they may love fashion, their business wardrobe has a job to do.

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Upgrade in Five Easy Pieces

Upgrade in Five Easy Pieces The Wall Street Journal

As seen in an August 2006 article in

"It's worth spending more for better quality over time" says Lamb, "because the ultimate cost per wearing is so much less (less than  take out lunch) because garments look wear well far longer and cost less to maintain.

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Bill Cunnigham on DARA LAMB Dress by the New York Times

As seen in a May 2014 article in

On May 7, the Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy held its annual “hat luncheon” for 1,200 guests.

The event, which garnered $3.5 million and honored Michael Bloomberg, featured whimsical headdresses masking a serious dedication to the restoration of the park and to the judicious spending of the money raised.

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