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Your Success Didn't Come in a "Bento Box"

A lot of companies say they’ll make your life easier by sending you a

“bento box” of mass produced clothing for your work wardrobe.

Is this really an easy solution? For whom exactly?

Maybe for the companies, whose business models rely on scaling their businesses on an “algorithm for the average”.

It leaves you doing the real work alone, unpacking the box, trying it all on, wrapping up everything you didn’t like, taking it to the post, or keeping things you don’t want or that don't work, because it’s just too much work to send it all back. Not to mention the additional time and effort hauling things to the tailor that don’t fit - or worse! - wearing clothing that doesn’t fit because you ran out of time doing all the packing and unpacking.

Whew! Sounds exhausting!

False economies are just that. False.

Truth: I’m pretty sure your career path didn’t happen by way of a “bento box”.

In fact, I’m fairly sure you’re more “one of a kind”, than “one of the crowd”.

Easy answers are just that: Easy and simple.

Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like you exactly.

A custom wardrobe meets you, body and mind, in all your uniqueness, in all your complexity, at the intersection of who you are today and who you hope to be tomorrow.

A skilled custom tailor takes the time to know and understand you, and, using their wealth of experience from working with other successful leaders, creates a wardrobe that articulates your unique leadership style for every situation. Result: an image that at once sets you apart, yet creates affinity with the varied audiences you need to communicate to.

Nuance, influence, authenticity. Qualities not easily reduced to an algorithm.

When you’re ready for a wardrobe as unique as you are, come in and see what custom can mean for you.

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